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We make RADIO EDITS so your music will be ready to play on the radio.

We edit any explicit lyrics or content. Just follow the 4 Easy Steps below.

We will need your session or Song with Instrumental

 If session was recorded in Pro Tools:

* click "File" > "Save Copy In". Click "All Audio Files" Click "OK"

* Locate folder with .PTF (or .PTX) file and "Audio Files" folder.

* Compress session folder to a .zip and continue to STEP 2.

 If session was NOT recorded in Pro Tools:

* Export song tracked out from 0 min 0 sec

*Compress audio files to a .zip and continue to STEP 2

* Click "Add Files". 

* Select your Pro Tools session or Song with Beat.

Friend's Email:

* Click "Transfer".

(Your Radio Edit will be sent within 48 HRs)

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