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Our Engineer has 14 years experience and will mix & master your song to radio standards! Follow the 4 Easy Steps.

*Wave Gain Adjustments

(We increase or decrease the volume of your vocals in relation to the beat)

*EQ Vocals

(We adjust the Low, Mid and Hi Frequencies of your vocals. This includes phone filter)

* Vocal Compression

(We compress your vocals with the appropriate ratio, attack and release)

*Noise Reduction

(We eliminate any unwanted extra noise in your recordings)

*Master Track

(We use a master track to insure your song is properly compressed and radio ready)


(We may or may not use reverb on your vocals. Trust our engineer's ear)


(We may use a delay (echo), on parts of your vocals, where it sounds appropriate)

*Pitch Correction

(We may adjust the pitch of your vocals making them low like Chop 'n Screwed)

*Stutter Effect

(We are very fond of the stutter effect and are very likely to use this on your vocals)

*Low Pass Filter

(We may use a Low Pass filter on an area of your beat making it sound underwater)

*Beat Drop / Vari Fi

(We use straight beat drops and Vari Fi. This sounds like a record player turning off)

*Sound Effects

(We like to use sound effects to animate your lyrics)

*Poltergeist Effect

(We may use at the beginning of a verse like the beginning of Cory Guns on "6 foot 7")

*Auto Tune (T-Pain/Future)

(We will gladly apply Auto Tune to your vocals upon request)


* Click "Add Files". 

* Select your .ZIP file

Friend's Email:

* Click "Transfer".


Make instant payment

(Your Finished Song will be sent within 48 HRs)



 If session was recorded in Pro Tools:

* click "File" > "Save Copy In". Click "All Audio Files" Click "OK"

* Locate folder with .PTF (or .PTX) file and "Audio Files" folder.

* Compress session folder to a .zip and continue to STEP 2.

 If session was NOT recorded in Pro Tools:

* Export song tracked out from 0 min 0 sec

*Compress audio files to a .zip and continue to STEP 2

QUESTIONS? Call 919-949-9300

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